Custom configurators examples

Our configurator framework is built with customization in mind, and users who purchase a custom build can take full advantage of its flexible architecture. The styles, available materials, internal and external finishes, and other options can be customised to reflect your company's product, style and offerings.
Integration is a key feature of our configurators, allowing you to add it to your website, connect it with your existing systems, including online stores and accounting software. The tool can also be customized to match your brand, with options for customizing color schemes, fonts, and other visual elements.
Take a closer look at the possibilities below, you'll find examples of the many customizations available. Discover how this powerful tool can work for your company.
Fencing Configurator

SIP Drawings Configurator

See SIP panel drawings in real time, complete with dimensions, and easily export factory drawings to PDF

Fence Planner Online

Online Kitchen Planner

Kitchen designer with factory boards cutting layout information

Fence Planner

Choice-Based Customizer

When you want to offer your users a limited set of features and options to choose from

Fencing Configurator

Lighting Configurator

Lighting configurator with itemized parts list output

Fencing Designer

Cabinet Designer

Cabinet designer with running cost and instant purchase feature

Fence Planner Online Tool


All our configurators can be added into any website and intergrated with other systems