Choice-Based Shed Customizer

Best suited for product ranges with relatively narrow options and fixed building sizes. Provides users will real-time visualization based on their selections allowing them to see how the final product will look like.

Intuitive Interface

The selection-based approach to design makes the tool intuitive and easy to use, whether on desktop or mobile devices. With a straightforward interface, users can customize their shed with ease.

Easy to set up

With the limited options available, the design tool is easy to set up including an accurate pricing structure.

Customizable Options for Your Garden Room Business

All options are customizable to reflect your company's style and offerings. From building styles and materials, to internal and external finishes, every aspect of your garden room designs can be tailored to your specific needs.

Instant Pricing

Your custom configurator can also have the option of instant pricing, allowing users to see the cost of their design in real-time. This helps users to stay within budget and make informed decisions about their design choices.

Payment Integration

To streamline the sales process and provide your customers with a seamless experience, our choice-based shed customizer integrates can be integrated with popular payment systems such as Stripe or PayPal.